Marýa Wethers

Marýa, a brown-skinned Black woman with shoulder length wavy black hair, is wearing a royal blue long-sleeved shirt and royal blue loose-fitting sweatpants. She is in a dance studio with a shiny wood floor standing with her torso bent forward at a slight angle to her legs with her long arms outstretched to the sides. She is gazing towards her left hand. Two other dancers are visible in the background standing behind and to either side of her. (Photo by Erik Carter, courtesy of Skeleton Architecture)

Marýa Wethers (she/her) has lived and worked in Lenapehoking (NYC) since 1997. She is a Black, queer, woman dance artist and independent creative producer & curator. As a dancer, Marýa received a 2017 NY Dance & Performance (“Bessie”) Award for Outstanding Performance with the Skeleton Architecture collective. As a curator, she conceived and created the three-week performance series “Gathering Place: Black Queer Land(ing)” at Gibney Dance and curated for Mount Tremper Arts Watershed Lab Residency (2019 & 2018), Queer NY International Arts Festival (2016 & 2015), and Out of Space @ BRIC Studio series for Danspace Project (2003-2007). Her writings have been published in Configurations in Motion: Performance Curation and Communities of Color (2016 & 2015) organized by Thomas F. DeFrantz at Duke University and the Movement Research Performance Journal 25th Anniversary Issue #27/28 (Spring 2005). She graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a BA in Dance, minor in African-American Studies, 1997.

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