Alejandra Ospina

Image description: Alejandra is a light-skinned Latina woman with close cropped dark hair. In a close-up selfie, she wears a headset with a microphone, glasses with narrow black frames, and a short-sleeved, light blue shirt where the first part of a quote by Lydia X. Z. Brown is visible: YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN.

Alejandra Ospina is a first-generation native New Yorker and full-time wheelchair user whose family has roots in Colombia. She has been active for several years in various advocacy and performance projects online, locally and beyond, and also works as a media access provider, creating closed captions and audio descriptions. 

Always glad to be a part of formative works to share with new audiences, she has previously collaborated as a vocalist, actor, dancer, and/or accessibility provider with organizations such as Heidi Latsky Dance, Infinity Dance Theater, ZCO/Dance Project, Kinetic Light, the Queens Theatre, HiGlass Entertainment, and others.

Alejandra is the principal audiobook narrator for Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century, an anthology edited by Alice Wong and published by Penguin Random House in June 2020.

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